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How We Work


As a close knit team, Cyberkix extend their ethos of openess and trust to their clients, ensuring that every member feels empowered to fully participate. 

Tendering and pre build

The highly collaborative nature of the developments means we are often asked to get involved in scoping the need and funding requirements of the projects.

Our consultative approach means we understand the needs of our clients and work through ideas, options and approaches at an early stage.

We provide expert guidance on the latest technology, level of functionality and features that will ensure clients get the development they need.  

We deliver a clear, jargon-free proposal explaining our approach, functionality, interactivity, options, reviews and initial timeframes.

We discuss ideas on future developments so that scalability and flexibility are built into the functionality of applications wherever possible.

Development and implementation

We start with a detailed specification of the functional requirements of the application, design brief and technical integration requirement.

Our design process will create design options that are refined to ensure they meet our clients taste, are effective in the market place and complement the integrity of the application.

We can custom build templates to help specialist content creators structure and manage content effectively and have in-house expertise to develop interactive and rich media content.

There is constant communication with all partners as many of our clients are consortia and all partners need to be consulted and kept informed.

At key stages we will meet with our clients to present phases of the application’s development and test its functionality and design.

A testing and refinement period is scheduled and we can review content before final preparations are made for launch.

Ongoing support

We can support our clients by designing and delivering face-to-face training programmes for users and administrators, empowering them to manage their application platform and content.

As trusted partners we work with clients to scope additional developments, enhancements and scalability options to ensure the application can grow and meet the future needs of the business.

We agree maintenance and support levels and are proud of our reputation as flexible and responsive partners.   

We can generate reports from the administration and database and send to senior managers or project partners.